Pi-eX MESO Geneva May Watches Results at Christie's – 2007-2021 Auction Series Report

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The report can be directly downloaded after checking-out.

This MESO Auction Series Report illustrates the results of the May Geneva Watches auctions arranged by CHRISTIE'S over the past 15 years (2007-2021).


The 7 page report includes charts displaying:

-  Total auction revenue (in US$ and GBP)

-  Number of lots catalogued

-  Number of lots withdrawn

-  Number of lots auctioned

-  Number of lots sold

-  Number of lots bought-in (unsold)

-  Sell through rate (in %)

-  Average revenue per lot sold (in US$ and GBP)

-  Highest price achieved at each sale (in US$ and GBP)

-  Lowest price achieved at each sale (in US$ and GBP)

-  Average price per sold lot comparison to lowest and highest prices (in US$ and GBP)

-  Four dimentional graphs showing over time correlation between number of lots catalogued, total revenue generated at the auction and average price per sold lot.

The report's addendum contains further information about Pi-eX’s MESO Report's Methodology as well as a detailed listing of all auctions included for the purpose of the overall analysis.