MICRO Contemporary Art Hong Kong Online Sales Results at Sotheby's - 2019-2021 Tailored Report

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The report can be directly downloaded after checking-out.
The latest auction illustrated in this report was::
Contemporary Showcase: Otaku Redux arranged online in Hong Kong from September 14th to 21st, 2021

This MICRO Standard Report illustrates the Hong Kong Contemporary Online Sales auction results From October 2019 to September 2021 at SOTHEBY’S.


The 7 page report includes charts displaying:





- Number of artworks catalogued

- Number of artworks withdrawn

- Value of artworks cataloged based on their Low Estimates (LE)

- Value of artworks Withdrawn based on their Low Estimates (LE)

- Number of artworks auctioned

- Number of artworks bought-in

- Number of artworks sold

- Value of artworks auctioned based on their Low Estimates (LE)

- Value of artworks bought-in based on their Low Estimates (LE)

- Value of artworks sold based on their Hammer Prices (HP)




- Comparative chart displaying the total Low Estimate (LE), total High Estimate (HE) and the Hammer Price (HP) for each year

- Average Hammer Price obtained versus average LE and average HE




- Volume comparison, over time, of the number of lots purchased by buyers at an HP above the LE, at the LE, below the LE or below the Reserve Price (at which point the artwork was Bought-in/unsold)

Comparison, over time, of the HP less the LE to demonstrate market volatility and the differential in expectations between sellers and buyers.  Colour codification to distinguish upside and downside

-  Two-dimensional mapping of the Hammer Price (HP) obtained at auction versus the initial Low Estimate (LE) of all individual lots auctioned from 2007 to 2020 and separately in 2021.

This Pi-eX report includes an exhaustive count of all lots catalogued and auctioned at repeating online sales in Hong Kong over the period defined.