Pi-eX Auction Market Index - AMI August 2020 Report

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The report can be directly downloaded after checking-out.

This report shows the evolution of the Pi-eX Auction Market Index (Pi-eX AMI) from January 2007 to August 2020

Pi-eX AMI is an auction market tracker, based on the worldwide public auction sales at the three leading auction houses ( CHRISTIE’SSOTHEBY’S  and PHILLIPS).  It is updated monthly. 


The 5 page report for August 2020 includes:

1. Pi-eX AMI change versus previous period

2. August 2020 result analysis

3. Top 3 auctions in August 2020

4. Top 3 lots in August 2020

5. Predictions for Pi-eX AMI in the coming months

6. Pi-eX AMI Auction Market methodology


This analysis includes all public auctions organized by the top three auction houses over the time period except for the auctions removed from the auction houses websites or those listed in the Definitions & Specifications file.