Investing in Contemporary African Art

Investing in Contemporary African Art

Posted by Pi-eX Research on 3rd Mar 2021

Christine Bourron, Pi-eX CEO, interviewed Serge Tiroche, founder and manager of the Tiroche DeLeon art fund and owner of the Africa First Collection. The event was arranged in collaboration with CAIA, the global professional body dedicated to creating greater alignment, transparency, and knowledge for all investors, with a specific emphasis on alternative investments.

Watch the conversation to learn more about opportunities and risks when investing in Contemporary African art:

With all the recent interest in African art, is now the time to invest?

- If so, where should interested collectors start?

- What is the best way to gain an understanding of the African art market?

- Where do collectors buy and sell?

- What are the upside and risks of investing in African art?

Focus on Africa: Investing in African Art, Session 2 of a Series from CAIA Association on Vimeo.